Monday, June 22, 2015

Sewaholic Belcarra Revisited

After a somewhat successful first Belcarra blouse, I decide to go back a make an even better one using what I have learned about making Sewaholic patterns fit.

  • 100% Cotton Voile
  • Thread
The voile is so nice and light. It is a perfect fabric for a summer blouse.


This time around I made Version B with the pintucks. I think they look great with this solid colour shirt.

I made a size 8 with some adjustments (my size according to my high bust). I narrowed the shoulders by 1/4" each. I moved the neckline in about 1/2", so that my bra straps don't poke out as often. I also increased the sleeve width by 3/4". After all of those changes, my sleeve pattern pieces looked very different from the original. But, it seems to have worked as the shirt is so much more comfortable.

I didn't bother with my usual swayback adjustment. I figured that since this is a bit of a loose blouse, the extra fabric at the back didn't matter so much.

Overall, I'm really happy with my new Belcarra. The improved fit makes it so much more comfortable to wear. And I definitely recommend voile for a hot summer day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Burdastyle 06/2014 #118 Shorts

It's been awhile since I've done any sewing (and hence, any blogging). My family was visiting and sleeping in my sewing room (it is a guest room, after all). But, now it is time to get back at it!

I desperately needed new shorts. Not just any shorts, ones that were super comfortable and would work with my changing body. I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and, although I'm not showing yet, things are starting to get tight!

So, I decided to make myself a pair of Burdastyle 06/2014 shorts with an elastic waist (comfy!).



I chose this version as it has the longer leg. I omitted the belt and side pockets (it had hip pockets, so I kept it simple). 

I made a size 42, which is my size according to my measurement. I usually go one size down with Burda bottoms, but I need the extra room.

This was a quick, fun sew. The shorts almost look like culottes. It would be easy to make them culottes by adding a big more leg ease.

The only alterations I did were to the crotch curve. I scooped a bit out of the bottom back and bottom front, which are my typical alterations.

I think I probably won't wear them with a tucked in shirt, but with a shirt over like the picture below. That way I can wear them to work and they won't look too informal.

Best of all, they will be easy to wear while biking to work - just like in the pattern photo!

I think I like these shorts more than my Rae skirt. The skirt just doesn't look right on me and I don't feel comfortable it in. The shorts, on the other hand, are some of the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn! I'm definitely going to make myself another pair.