Friday, December 26, 2014

Finished Winter Jacket

I finished the winter jacket for my Mother-in-Law in time for Christmas! It turned very well and now I'll share some pictures.

The jacket has a wonderfully dramatic collar. To look at it, you wouldn't think it was made out of DWR fabric. My MIL picked black for the outside and a nice deep purple for the lining.

I added a velcro hook tab, in case she ever wants to wear a fleece jacket underneath and wants to attach it in place.

The collar goes across the centre front, so I added a mini facing to hold it in place. I also stopped the zipper facing on the other side about 2" down so it isn't too bulky.

One large button peaks out from under the collar.

I added triple matching buttons on the cuffs.

To allow for more ventilation (my MIL says she often feels too hot in most jackets), I added two eylets in the underarm area (on the front side piece).

Like with my winter jacket, I also added loops with snaps in the cuff lining so that sleeves of an under layer could be held in place.

My MIL was super happy when she tried it on. She barely stood still for the pictures and wanted to look in all the mirrors in the house.

The jacket is a little wrinkly from  from being wrapped up for under the tree, but it looks like the overall fit is good. And, most importantly, my MIL finds it super comfortable.

That's it! If I get a chance, I will try to take some better pictures.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Jacket Progress

I'm finally putting together the actual winter jacket for my Mother-in-Law. The Ultrex fabric arrived and I have basted together the outer layer. I let my MIL try it on one last time before I finish it up. I wanted to make sure there were no more fitting issues.

The front looks pretty good. I had to take in some fabric above the bust by straightening out the princess seam on the side piece a little bit.

I didn't iron the side seam, so it's hard to tell if there are any issues. Overall, it looks straight enough. I let out the sleeves at the shoulder a little bit and lowered the armhole by 1/2". I wanted to make enough room for her to be able to wear a warm layer underneath (she is only wearing a t-shirt in the pictures).

The back is pretty good, but I might take a little out of the centre back seam near the bottom. There is some curling of the fabric there. I don't want to take out too much though, since I want her to be comfortable when she sits down.

My MIL is super happy with how it is going so far. She loves how light and comfortable the jacket is. Right now, it looks a bit like a judge's robe. But, once the cuffs and collar are attached, it will look less robe-like.

That's it for now! No more pictures until it's done and I've given it to my MIL for Christmas.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vinegar Wood Stain

Many moons ago, I made some vinegar wood stain to stain an Ikea dresser I bought. I thought I would share the results.

To make the stain, I crammed a bunch of old, rusty steel wool (you can use new steel wool, too) clumps in a glass container. I then filled the jar with vinegar and added some tea bags. I then let it sit for a few days, but the stain is probably is ready to go if you leave it overnight.

Using a foam brush, I brushed the stain onto the dresser. Here is what one coat looked like:

A second coat made it darker and more uniform:

The vinegar and the steel wool create iron acetate, which react with the tannins in wood. Adding tea increases the tannins in the wood and makes the stain darker. To really bring out the stain and make it look richer, I gave it two coats of linseed oil. And then two coats of beeswax to protect the finish.

Here is a close up of the wood:

My dresser/nightstand is almost done. My husband is going to carve me some nice knobs to finish it off.

Using the vinegar stain was fun (and cheap!). I also like that it is less harmful to health and the environment.

For more information, here is a Lee Valley article on wood pickling: